Affordable Art Fair Hampstead

Affordable Art Fair Hampstead

25 Years of the Affordable Art Fair at the Lower Fairground Site in Stunning Hampstead being represented by George Thornton Art

I have been doing the Affordable Art Fairs since 2013, they have always been a huge fixture in the art buying community and are one of the main reasons people get so turned on to buying art and investing in the future. Over the years, I have watched the Affordable Art Fair roster of galleries change and the range of work change, I personally have been at these fairs when it is heaving on a Wednesday or Thursday night, when the excitement of seeing some of the most innovative art unveiled, to when it is more relaxed on a Friday daytime when you can spend a bit more time looking around the show and making a decision on what piece would look great on your walls. Saturdays and Sundays are a mix of anxiety and excitement as an artist, taking part as you know that’s when the majority of your own avatar buyers will be milling about looking for your latest showing. I always seem to fall in love with a few friends pieces however, and that’s what I am going to highlight to you here. I think if I had a high street gallery venture, completely unlike my own high street venture which is a bit indoor outdoor I would have these artists on my books.

Adam,s work is something I have discovered recently, I had the pleasure of showing with him at Flowers Gallery at Hidden UK Hidden Ireland which was curated by Sean Scully. His mastery of colour and his clear landscaped inspiration is clear to see, I have always been a fan of the washed out coastal look, and this is something Adam works well. I had found Adam on Instagram, he is based in Wales and works with good galleries who clearly see his ability and can market his to a interior clientele.

The work by Hannah Ivory Baker really fits in Hampstead, I have been friends with Hannah for a long time, speak to her about all things art related on the phone weekly and she represents my work in Highgate at Highgate Contemporary. The fluidity and semi abstractedness in her work plays well with the colours that she has selected. She is influenced by the coast, this is massively evident in the art she produces. The fact that she is at the fair only adds credence to the fairs amazing roster.

Possibly one of the most exciting artists, Sam Gare is as you can see massively inspired by the mountain landscapes across Great Britain. We have known each other for a long time, both working with the Curious Duke Gallery, Shoreditch and now at Wills Art Warehouse together, I think Wills Art Warehouse have seen something exceptional in her work which is what makes them one of England’s leading galleries at present. Sam has a unique talent for capturing the sheer essence of size and scale in a clam and collected way, different from other artists who rely on the drama of a landscape. The colours are extremely digestible to the viewer, and her work speaks to you in a calm way, the feeling of being so small in such a vast landscape. Something of a rare quality it seems.

Ana is someone who I have only recently met, she fits this blog really well as she is exactly what the Affordable Art Fair is all about, a new artist who believes in herself and her ability to convey the message her work screams to you. I have only come across Hunter Gallery through the Affordable Art Fairs, which is genuinely one of the best ways to see artists and discover new talent. The resin finish of her work really suits the galleries roster and brings her European coastal influence to life.

Thankyou to the Affordable Art Fair team for making the event as appealing to collectors, artists and the galleries involved as it always has done. The excitement, trepidation and at times torment felt by all involved truly brings art to life and enhances the art world we live and survive in.

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